How it works

Stage 1

Complete the KYC as it is a requirement needed by any financial Institution or investors

Stage 2

State your funding requirement and provide supporting documents.


Stage 3

We will give you feedback and recommendations based on our findings.

Stage 4

We will recommend you to our funders or we will support you to become fundable.


KYC stands for Know your Customer.

Funders look at all those factors when considering funding you and we need it so that we can assess your chance of getting funding.

If your funding status is not positive, we will coach you and provide recommendations to improve your chances, most of the time companies are neglecting some important business practices because they are not thinking of fundraising and when they think about it the process takes long yet the need is urgent.

No, we are not a financier or advisor, we are a financial services originator. We help you become fundable. This means you get better chances of getting funding and will help you selecting the right funding providers.

We use it to assess you funding readiness and we will list you with a KYC platform called Mansa, this is owned by Afreximbank and will give you better chances to getting funding and other opportunities. Afreximbank is the bank that is supporting the AFCFTA. Providing data means you are happy to be listed on Mansa

Yes we have access to funding partners such as Athari Capital and others.

AFCFTA24 does not invest in businesses, however some of our staff members are Angel investors in their personal capacities.

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