Become Fundable

Stage 1

Complete the KYC as it is a requirement needed by any financial Institution or investor.

Stage 2

State your funding requirement and provide supporting documents.

Stage 3

We will give you feedback and recommendations based on our findings.

Stage 4

We will recommend you to our funders or we will support you to become fundable.

Welcome to your fundable journey.

Did you know most entrepreneurs and businesses have mostly been successful in fundraising through alternative sources, these are friends and family investors, Angel investors, venture capital and private equity before banks could lend them money.

The journey starts with structure, are you structured to get funding? May you provide the following and our team will help you become fundable. Firstly it’s KYC, anyone funding you, will not look at you, if you can’t tick the KYC box. Next is the reason why you want the money? Do you have a good pitch? We can also help you with creating a pitch that meets the requirements of the type of funder you want to approach. We will also share with you information about some funders we have on our data base. Below are our stages and passing each stage unlocks the next one

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