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Our Goal

We aim to assist 1 000 000 businesses in Africa get fundable. Our Fundable Check service is free. We are on a mission to contribute to the growth of the continent, improved access to investments and affordable funding.

Business Fundable Check

Our free service will help you know if you are fundable and if you are not, our feedback will help you become fundable

Business Funding insights

Our Funding insights will help you remain fundable and keep you up to date with market trends.

Loan Application support

We provide loan application support services and you only pay if you successfully get the loan.

Capital Fundraising Support

We provide support to help your fundraising efforts and you are only charged upon successful funding.

About Us

AFCFTA 24 is website owned Advocado Africa a Digital Media Agency owned by The Intra Africa Trader. Our aim is to improve the lives of Africans by helping businesses succeed. We also aim to help with linking businesses and individuals to mortgage funding for properties on the continent. 


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